• With your support we will find the most effective treatment to stop Covid-19 



  • This programme features Pallapupas, hospital clowns, who help channel the tension, fear and anguish arising from illness and a hospital stay, with humour and theatrical performances.

  • We work to analyze the factors that determine the progression of diseases, and especially to ensure that patients make the most of their treatments.

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    I want to be a friend
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We are a network of people, companies and organisations that promote social, solidarity, transformation and innovation projects at Hospital del Mar.

#AlwaysAhead Biomedical research for the treatment of Covid-19 #StopCovid19

With your help we will find the most effective treatment to stop Covid-19.

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The Hospital del Mar and the Friends of Hospital del Mar Foundation work together to offer oncology patients and their families support as well as activities to improve their physical, emotional and social well-being.

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We collaborate in the creation of comfortable and appropriate hospital spaces for the needs of patients and families.

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They're already friends

Olga Velasco

Businesswoman at QGAT Restaurant, Events and Hotel. The company and the workers provide resources that help to adapt new spaces for patients and their families at Hospital del Mar.

Between friends

For us, as business people, collaborating with Hospital del Mar allows us to see how, increasingly, technology, medicine and humane treatment go hand in hand. After all, as with friends, it is the positive connections we make that make us strong.

Rosa Balaguer

Former Chief Nursing Officer in the ICU

When you help a friend

When all through your work day you don't stop talking to people and trying to make it easier for them to get through the hospital experience, you still know you have to make that extra effort. You do it without even thinking, like when you help a friend.

Ona Carbonell

Olympic synchronised swimmer, gets friends and colleagues moving in support of Hospital del Mar.

I am already a friend

My work and my interests have allowed me to meet many people who each day teach me the importance of being there for others. Receiving is a joy but giving is even more so. I'm a friend of Hospital del Mar.