Who are we?

Patients, family members, volunteers, professionals, former workers, students, public figures and anonymous citizens share our link to the hospital through multiple forms of collaboration: financial support, volunteering, personal relations, donations, contribution of material and facilities, etc. Companies and their employees, associations and entities also collaborate through donations of materials and funds.

They’re already friends

Ana Montejano and family

Contributions from families like this will make more resources available for research programmes.

We have lots of friends

It was a long journey, but at each moment our mother was very well supported, attended and cared for. It wasn't just one or two people, it was the entire hospital staff. Of course, it's their job, but they always made us feel like we had a lot of friends. It is important for us to feel that our donation contributes to improving the quality of life of sick people.

Rosa Balaguer

Former Chief Nursing Officer in the ICU

When you help a friend

When all through your work day you don't stop talking to people and trying to make it easier for them to get through the hospital experience, you still know you have to make that extra effort. You do it without even thinking, like when you help a friend.

Ona Carbonell

Olympic synchronised swimmer, gets friends and colleagues moving in support of Hospital del Mar.

I am already a friend

My work and my interests have allowed me to meet many people who each day teach me the importance of being there for others. Receiving is a joy but giving is even more so. I'm a friend of Hospital del Mar.


Fundació Amics de l'Hospital del Mar are working hard thanks to the time and enthusiasm dedicated by the Board. The current Board is made up of workers, former workers and people from the Hospital del Mar area.

We want to get citizens, companies and civil society organisations to collaborate with us and contribute to excellent health care.

Membres del patronat

Volem aconseguir la col·laboració de ciutadans, empreses i entitats de la societat civil, per tal de contribuir a l'excel·lència en l'atenció a la salut de les persones.