Antoni Miquel

Singer and local resident, one of the promoters of Friends of Hospital del Mar.

Such a friend!

When I walk on the promenade with musicians from other places, they are surprised by a hospital in front of the sea. So I tell them about how it was founded to fight against epidemics, I tell them about the vocation of service to the most disadvantaged people and about its important transformation into an Olympic hospital in 1992... It makes you feel like such a friend! A friend of Hospital del Mar, which is the living history of Barcelona.

Ana Montejano and family

Contributions from families like this will make more resources available for research programmes.

We have lots of friends

It was a long journey, but at each moment our mother was very well supported, attended and cared for. It wasn't just one or two people, it was the entire hospital staff. Of course, it's their job, but they always made us feel like we had a lot of friends. It is important for us to feel that our donation contributes to improving the quality of life of sick people.

Emilia Corominas

A retired nurse, she spends a few hours a week volunteering at Hospital del Mar.


I've been working as a nurse in this hospital for many years. Here I matured professionally as well as personally: I was able to appreciate the needs of the patients when they are here, and how they can be helped with a friendly hand to support them. I have come back, to offer my time to the patients, as if they were FRIENDS and to give them guidance and support.

Olga Velasco

Businesswoman at QGAT Restaurant, Events and Hotel. The company and the workers provide resources that help to adapt new spaces for patients and their families at Hospital del Mar.

Between friends

For us, as business people, collaborating with Hospital del Mar allows us to see how, increasingly, technology, medicine and humane treatment go hand in hand. After all, as with friends, it is the positive connections we make that make us strong.

Manu Caragol Pugés

A patient who helps organise sporting, social and cultural activities at Hospital del Mar.


Being young and doing competitive sport allows me to make many FRIENDS, at the same time it makes it easy to get injured.

I have visited Hospital del Mar on more than one occasion, thanks to various injuries, and they made me feel like a FRIEND cared for by true professionals.

Rosa Balaguer

Rosa Balaguer

Former Chief Nursing Officer in the ICU

When you help a friend

When all through your work day you don't stop talking to people and trying to make it easier for them to get through the hospital experience, you still know you have to make that extra effort. You do it without even thinking, like when you help a friend.

Ona Carbonell

Olympic synchronised swimmer, gets friends and colleagues moving in support of Hospital del Mar.

I am already a friend

My work and my interests have allowed me to meet many people who each day teach me the importance of being there for others. Receiving is a joy but giving is even more so. I'm a friend of Hospital del Mar.