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For a more human assistance in the ICU

We want the assistance to critical patients and their families to be warmer and more human with a more welcoming living room.

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We want to provide care to critically ill patients that is warmer and more humane. All without giving up the most advanced medical technology.​

In recent years we have advanced towards the humanization of the Intensive Care Unit, launching different activities such as music therapy and outings facing the sea. To achieve the humanization of the ICU we need to improve the family living room, with a more welcoming and functional space. In this way we can improve the mood of families in these delicate moments.

Every year 180 families accompany their loved ones for an average of 14 days. Having a space adapted to your needs in which to wait will improve your mood. The living room will be equipped with a water point, comfortable seats, plugs and self-regulating individual lights, with which to be able to carry out the accompaniment also during the nights without disturbing other families.

In addition, a meeting space will be set up for professionals with families where they can talk about the patient's progress in a private and warm room.