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We collaborate in the creation of comfortable and appropriate hospital spaces for the needs of patients and families.

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We collaborate in the creation of comfortable and appropriate hospital spaces for the needs of patients and families.

Living space for oncology patients awaiting treatment

The patient wants to be: comfortable, calm, entertained and connected.

They need decorative, electronic and physical elements to be able to enjoy their time there.

Space adapted to various interests: reading, talking, watching movies on the tablet, sharing time with other patients or with family members.

Outdoor space: street, sea.

The compartmentalised space, not open-plan, allows groups to meet based on common interests.

With health information material, newspapers and magazines.

- Living rooms for patients on the hospital floors 

The patient wants to be: distracted, with company and calm.

There is a need for a space outside the bedroom that allows people to be distracted, to meet their visitors, exercise physically, eat well:

To individual activities in peace and quiet: reading.

To play in spaces suitable for all ages.

To share time with other patients, family members and visitors.

Exercise physically: Activate the body and muscles with basic exercises to compensate for the hours spent in bed.

The family can eat comfortably, calmly, knowing that they are very close to the patient. This can be food brought from home or bought in the hospital...

Space with views to the outside.

- Living rooms for families in the ICU

Family members are encouraged to feel at home in a space that is as close as possible to their own: calm, comfortable and entertaining.

Large living room with small office.

With neutral colours, basic and comfortable furniture.

With more natural light.


Including entertainment facilities.


Therapeutic garden in Paediatrics

Creation of a garden that connects directly to the paediatric care unit to provide a space for movement and an outdoor area, helping to improve the well-being of the children and contributing to their recovery.

Partners: Paediatric Service, Fundación Nuevo Milenio.

Adaptation of spaces for urgent paediatric care.

This renovation has been carried out with the aim of providing spaces to provide care for children with serious health problems, while at the same time transmitting calm and offering the child a safer and friendlier environment so that the healthcare is as untraumatic as possible. or this reason, there are also spaces for play and learning that allow for the family to be with the child.

Partners: Emergency Service, Paediatrics Service, Fundació MAR.

Adaptation of spaces for outpatient care.

Adaptation of waiting and care spaces for children visiting the outpatient clinic. We want to create areas where the child can draw, read stories, play...

Partners: Paediatric Service, Fundació MAR.