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Creating opportunities for mental health patients

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The initiative seeks to enhance the empowerment of patients through a therapeutic intervention carried out outdoors. The aim is to improve personal self-care, integrate the learning of basic skills and improve their physical and cognitive functioning. At the same time, we want them to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits that will enhance their mood and make their hospital stay more comfortable. The garden will also serve to involve patients and professionals thanks to interactive formulas for shared participation to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

  • Llurba Garden

This programme involved the recovery of a space to provide mental health patients with an ecological community garden, where they can work on aspects related to their therapeutic process.  Activity located in Centre Fòrum, in the Acute, Subacute and Day Hospital Unit. Projects

Partners: INAD/Obra Social "La Caixa".

  • Get into the garden

Mental health awareness and education in environmental sustainability. The garden as an educational tool in sustainable progress, respect for nature, socialization of the environment and cooperative work. Aimed at patients with severe mental illness (SMI) and secondary school students.

Partners: Social Work/INAD at the Emilia Mira Centre (CAEM), Education Department (EAP) and others to be determined.