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Music-based therapy support, a tool for optimising patient wellbeing.

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This activity is developed through various programmes and units:

For patients nearing the end of their lives

The Music Therapy Programme in the Palliative Care Unit has been running for 5 years. The results are extremely promising and support the use of music therapy in the field of palliative care, demonstrating that it is a very effective tool for optimising the well-being and quality of life of people with advanced diseases.

Partners: Oncology Service (Palliative Care) / Mémora

Programme for humanising care for the critically ill

Music therapy sessions address the psychosocial, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients.

The aim is, through the clinical use of music, to create a space for achieving the necessary approach both for patients and close family members.

Partners: Intensive Care Medicine/Christmas Party - staff Hospital del Mar .

Giving notes

Through this project, music therapy sessions will be offered to people with severe mental illness (SMI). This contributes to the therapeutic process and provides tools that will help them improve their self-care, autonomy, self-control, interpersonal relationships and cognitive functioning.

Partners: Social Work / Institute of Neuropsychiatry and Addictions (INAD) at the Emilia Mira Centre (CAEM) / Mémora